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How USmax iLab Works

When an idea is recommended by our employees, customers, or partners to us, we take five distinct steps.

  • We seek to understand the vision and the problem the idea is targeted to solve.
  • We empower and incentivize our employees to think outside of the box.
  • We engage, assess, and refine the solution by utilizing USmax iLab infrastructure.
  • We implement and reward our employees and partners who collaborate to make it happen.
  • We scale the innovative solutions to other customers and partners for time and cost savings.
Our ability to invent, innovate and improve solutions offers our clients significant benefits for reducing costs, yielding more robust designs, and shortening the cycle times of new product development.
United States Department of Commerce

Success Stories

A leading Department of Commerce agency’s Message Operations Center (MOC), with a limited budget and time, requested assistance from USmax iLab to assist in design and development of an email migration plan for their “.gov” email and BlackBerry system.

In 2 days, USmax iLab designed and implemented the required resources including virtual servers that allowed the agency’s MOC to continue on with their mission.


  • Reduced over $2 million in wasteful government spending
  • Reduced heating, cooling and electricity
  • Reduced physical footprint of servers and space to provide an overall efficient use of IT resources.

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