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Global Mission Services

The United States government and commercial organizations protect personnel and property by deploying comprehensive and forward-thinking security solutions worldwide. We actively support government agencies such as the Department of State (DoS), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the United States Agency for Global Media (USAGM), as well as a variety of commercial customers both domestically and globally.  Our Global Mission Services cover the full scope of the security related disciplines and have successfully helped secure life and property worldwide in the most critical buildings, and some of the most arduous locations, serving U.S. interests.  These facilities, located in dense urban areas, in rural settings, or in austere environments overseas, require a robust security envelope to ensure screening of personnel, controlling access, protecting against forced entry or ballistic attack, and to detect intrusions. USmax provides full lifecycle expertise in Supply Chain Management (SCM) and logistics; procurement support; security system design, integration and installation; maintenance and repair; and security-based training to assure the highest level of threat prevention, detection, and protection posture. Our Global Mission Services include:

Service Description
Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Global Logistics Services We fulfill logistics and supply chain management requirements to price, solicit, procure, handle, ship, and track project related equipment and supplies. We are experienced with the challenges of organizing, managing, and tracking shipments to all corners of the globe with the objective of shipping to the correct location, on time, every time to ensure smooth project operations. Our proven protocols and activities support our end-to-end supply chain management services as demonstrated by our ability to repeatedly and concurrently procure and ship equipment in support of our ongoing worldwide projects.
Warehousing, Inventory, and Asset Management In conjunction with our project work, we undertake warehouse operations and inventory control. We stringently manage the warehouse inventory and accountability controls to ensure the appropriate sourcing and disposition of equipment and supplies
Worldwide, Turn-Key Technical / Electronic / Physical Security Systems Design, Installation, and Maintenance USmax delivers worldwide, turn-key technical security system services. We deliver program management, engineering, on-site project management, and technical installation services to enhance clients’ security posture. We have a clear understanding of how technical and physical security integrates into the overall structural elements of facilities as well as how to operate in these facilities without disrupting tenants’ mission-critical daily operations or on-going design/build activities. USmax relies on its knowledge of local, domestic, and worldwide standards, requirements, and protocols to quickly and accurately address even the most stringent project requirements. USmax staff’s security specialists, engineers, analysts, and project managers with broad skill sets, first-hand knowledge in providing services overseas, and a ready familiarity with operating in austere environments. Our employees possess relevant industry certifications and experience with a vast array of security systems and related disciplines including security engineering, electrical, CAD engineering, technical security installation, design engineering, and project and program management.
Security-Based Training To decrease the vulnerability of personnel working abroad, USmax delivers safety and security related training on both a CONUS and OCONUS basis, via a cadre of certified instructors possessing a variety of real-world experience and backgrounds. Our services include support in program coordination, training development, training delivery, technical support, and equipment distribution. These services are provided through planning/analysis (i.e. analyze learners, list tasks, and analyze tasks), design and development (i.e. develop objectives, design assessments, develop materials), course validation (i.e. validate and evaluate course), and delivery
Hybrid Managed Cloud Hosted Solutions USmax provides secure and scalable hybrid cloud hosted solutions optimized for mission-critical applications. Our approach utilizes AWS, GCP, and MS Azure Public Clouds combined with on-premise Private and Community Clouds to create flexible, enterprise-ready hybrid cloud environments that optimize cost and performance
Service Desk and IT Field Operations We provide Enterprise wide Tier-I, II, III level Service Desk and Operations support across various federal customers. As part of these services, we provide a wide range of Help Desk support ranging from general user support, mission critical system support, to application specific targeted services

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