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IT Modernization Services

Federal agencies must transform end-of-life and stove-piped applications and operating models with open, standards-based, IT ecosystems that are security standard compliant and maintain business continuity. USmax Corporation understands the mission-critical nature of Federal IT Infrastructure. We provide IT modernization services thru a DevOps Driven Continuous Integration model to qualify and integrate innovative and disruptive technologies, including as a service (aaS), that are security compliant, promote efficiency, and ensure business continuity.  We are committed to introduce solutions that are scalable, meet budgetary constraints, and deliver measurable cost savings realized over the technology and business life cycle. Our IT Modernization Services include:

Service Description
DevOps Driven Continuous Integration As cloud adoption continues across IT infrastructure; through AWS, MS Azure or Google GCP, USmax provides IT modernization services through a repeatable process to ensure compliance, security, scalability and continuity. Our process includes cloud assessment and transformation consulting, DevOps automation for on-demand scaling, cloud native applications, data engineering, continuous integration, delivery and deployment, agile release management, and cloud security and performance management.
Cloud Acceleration, Migration and Implementation Strategies Our services include identifying a critical path that reduces the risks associated with cloud migration and achieves business benefits by migrating existing workloads to the cloud. Our partnerships with AWS, Google GCP, and MS Azure allow us to flow down cost savings to our clients that include valuable migration methodology for executing legacy migrations in a methodical way, as well as a robust set of tools to automate and accelerate common migration scenarios.
Application Design, Implementation and Testing We provide application design, implementation and testing services. Our professionals work with various government and commercial customers to develop and implement architectures that are consistent with their overall System and Enterprise Architecture (EA).
Enterprise Architecture (EA) Federal agencies must maximize the contribution of an agency’s resources, IT investments, and system development activities to achieve its performance goals. We provide solutions that carefully align to the strategic goals and objectives of the agency organization.
Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance We provide Systems Engineering services in four (4) unique disciplines: UNIX/LINUX/Windows/Open Source Systems Consultation; Systems Assessments and Recommendations; Server Resource Migration; and Enterprise Storage Capacity Planning. In each of these disciplines, we work with our government stakeholders to develop customized solutions and recommendations that allow for scalable systems and infrastructure designs for future growth and improved efficiency. For example, assisting Federal customers to evaluate and adopt Cloud Computing based approach towards systems architecture and engineering to utilize Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for greater efficiency and long-term cost savings.
Big Data and Data Analytics USmax offers comprehensive data management and Federal analytics services to help agencies harness information and gain insights that enable decision making to drive and achieve results. Our ideas and solutions help agencies get full value from mission-critical information to identify and reduce inefficiencies, streamline operations to lower costs, maximize return on investment, and enable transitions to open source and cloud

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