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Professional Services

For over 20 years, from routine to complex, for both domestic and abroad, and throughout commercial, Fed Civ, and the DoD, we deliver comprehensive professional services to meet and exceed our customers’ missions.  Our proven processes and expert teams provide the highly scalable, rapidly deployable, innovative, affordable, and reliable solutions that enable our customers to reduce risk, realize efficiency, and modernize to meet the challenges of tomorrow.  Our services are easily accessible throughout the Federal Government via our multiple contract vehicles managed centrally to ensure clear and consistent communication, high performance, rapid transitions and staffing.  Our Professional Services offerings include:

Service Description
Project, Program, and Portfolio Management (P3M) Our P3M offering provides the management, administrative, subject matter expertise, acquisition management, and programmatic support needed for efficient and effective strategy, design, implementation, monitoring, management, and closeout of our customers’ projects, programs, and portfolios. We assist our customers in implementing P3M best practices to better manage their portfolio of business investments, align business with their mission, balance demand and supply, improve Governance, augment customer PMOs, increase project success rates, and reduce costs.
Mission Support, Intelligence Analysis, and Advisory & Assistance Services (A&AS) Mission Support, Intelligence Analysis, and A&AS Services reduce risk for our customers though placement, recruiting, and retainment of the requisite skilled resources quickly, affordably, and at the security level and locale desired. Our skill in the delivery of enterprise program support services of across a range of size and complexity was developed addressing the strategic needs of Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and Department of State (DoS) organizations in areas of program services advisory, technology transformation, and cybersecurity and information assurance (IA). Our initiatives and leadership roles drive enterprise-scale modernization efforts as well as to design, develop and enhance processes to improve systems.
Management, Process, Analytic, Strategic, and Technical Consulting Our consultants engage with customers to conduct business process and technology assessments, build roadmaps, provide technical oversight, strategic advisory, provide industry best practices, specialized training, implementation and sustainment support. Our consultants bring a wealth of certified knowledge and experience including design using relevant process frameworks (ISO, CMMI, PMBOK, Agile, ITIL, etc.), configuration, rollout, support, integration, and user adoption. We provide SharePoint development, management, and design services as well as data management, policy, warehousing, dashboarding, and automation.
Engineering and Scientific Services We provide engineering and scientific resources to conduct research and analysis to support our customer’s decision makers. We provide survey, assessment, design, analysis, study, evaluation, test, verification, and advisory support backed by our rigorous and certified quality management system to ensure performance, quality, repeatability, and reliability for our customers who rely on our deliverables and recommendations as part of a data driven basis for action. Our methodical problem-solving approach ensures buy-in and engagement across our customer stakeholder mission and project domains and facilitates seamless integration.
Financial, Performance, and Risk Management Services USmax eases the transition, expedites the design, and enhances and modernizes processes for financial, risk, and performance management. Our financial management support provides rapid staffing to support budgetary planning, cost estimation, audit readiness, and accounting support. Our experts in performance and process management frameworks such as Six Sigma, COBIT, PMBOK, and ITIL provide custom solutions to design, manage, arbitrate, integrate, and visualize metrics, measurements, reporting, Service Level Agreements (SLA), Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Critical Success Factors (CSF), and other risk performance data.
IT Support Services as Part of a Total Integrated Solution USmax provides total professional services solutions to our customers which often include auxiliary IT support services. Our multidisciplinary professional services often leverage services from our IT service catalog. In addition to IT support as part of a bundled solution, the USmax Professional Services team also provides all IT support related to equipment and services related to National Security Systems.
Learning and Linguistics Services USmax offers onsite or distant learning interpreter training and instructor led or assessed interpretation or translation in support of customer needs. Services include cleared Linguistics professionals to support the civilian customers and the Federal Government.

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