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What is USmax iLab?

What is USmax iLab?

Success Stories

For a Department of Commerce Agency, iLab innovated, tested and implemented a virtual environment in the Network Operations Center (NOC). Our solution provides the agency the ability to rapidly test and deploy cost effective solutions to the community.


  • Reduced time to provision servers
  • Reduced Cost
  • Reduced infrastructure overhead
  • Reduced Carbon footprint helping agency to achieve its Green IT objectives

USmax iLab

USmax iLab is a combination of:

  1. Our Commitment to better serve our customers and create value by creating “game changing” solutions
  2. Qualified People who bring some of the best technical and non-technical expertise with the right attitude
  3. Emerging Technologies with the latest and most optimum hardware and software applications needed to innovate

Our ability to invent, innovate and improve solutions offers our clients significant benefits for reducing costs, yielding more robust designs, and shortening the cycle times of new product development.

Fact Check

  • Multi-Core physical servers, supporting multiple virtual servers
  • Storage Area Network (SAN) solution with Multi-Terabytes of storage
  • Virtualization solutions including Oracle, VMware, CITRIX, Microsoft and Xen
  • Partnership with industry leading organizations

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