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USmax scores 93 out of 100 in Dun & Bradstreet Open Ratings

USmax Corporation (“USmax”), a leading provider of Information Technology (IT) consulting services, announced today that it achieved an overall score of 93 from its customers in Dun & Bradstreet Open Performance Ratings. Open Ratings calculates vendor performance scores using a sophisticated algorithm that takes into account the amount of information available on a vendor, the timeliness of the information, and the accuracy of the raters. Ratings range from 0 to 100; however, this is not a percentile score.

“USmax’s overall score is well above the industry average and represents a significant milestone in achieving customer satisfaction. Moreover, it demonstrates our commitment to exceed our customer’s expectations” said David Pak, President and CEO. USmax scored 96 in the Reliability and Business Relations category and scored 97 in the Personnel category. A complete report can be viewed by clicking the report icon on the right.

View USmax’s Dun & Bradstreet Open Ratings Report.

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