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USmax recognized as Small Business Success Story by NDIA TRIAD

USmax Corporation, a leading provider of Information Technology (IT) consulting services, was recognized as a Small Business Success Story at the Annual NDIA TRIAD Conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada in connection with the Annual RES Conference. USmax was recognized as a valuable Small Business partner that has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to lead and capture new business opportunities as a Small Business Prime in successful partnership with large business.

USmax’s success story was sponsored by Ludmilla Parnell, Director, Business Development, Small Business Partnerships at General Dynamics Information Technology. Said David Pak, President and CEO of USmax, “It truly remains a pleasure working with Ludmilla over the years and we appreciate this recognition very much. At USmax we will always strive to bring work back to those who have helped us along the way. It is my belief that Small Businesses bring innovative and fresh ideas that can deliver great competitive advantage to customers by leveraging large business partnerships that bring the capacity and breadth of resources to bear when performing large, complex enterprise programs. Successful SB/LB partnerships deliver innovation and cost savings to customers.”

In addition to many attendees from the Small Business Contracting Community was Mr. Kenneth Dodds, Director, Office of Planning Policy and Liaison, U.S. Small Business Administration. Distinguished success story LB panelists were Ms. Ludmilla Parnell, Director, Business Development, Small Business Partnerships, General Dynamics Information Technology; Ms. Susan King, Executive Administrator, Supplier Diversity, BAE Systems; Mr. Tizoc Loza, Corporate Program Manager, Northrop Grumman Corporation and Ms. Emily Mann, Program Manager, Lockheed Martin Corporation.

The TRI-Association Small Business Advisory Panel (TRIAD) Conference was formed in 1967 to coordinate the efforts of small business subcontracting representatives. It was formed to serve the best interests of the industry associations and their member companies, affected government agencies, and the small business community. TRIAD provides a forum in which members may benefit from the exchange of experience, ideas and information between government and industry. It acts in an advisory capacity for the development of industry responses to government inquiries. TRIAD also transmits government views to industry through the material committees of AIA (Aerospace Industries Association) and NDIA (National Defense Industrial Association).

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